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Building a Better Future For Jordan's Infrastructure

Established in 1987, MJT Construction Company is a leading construction firm in Jordan that specializes in a diverse range of construction services.

With expertise in earthworks/excavation, road construction and furnishing, asphalt pavements, bridges and intersections, tunnels, building construction, electrical, water, and wastewater networks, the company has earned first-grade classifications in most of its specializations from the Ministry of Public Work and Housing.

  • Specializations include earthworks/excavation, road construction, asphalt pavements, bridges and intersections, tunnels, building construction, and more.
  • First-grade classifications awarded by the Ministry of Public Work and Housing.
  • Dedicated to improving the construction sector in Jordan and contributing to the country's economy.
  • Focus on financial strategy improvement and reducing fuel consumption through advanced equipment and mining methods.
  • Commitment to staff development through modern engineering and accounting courses.
  • Strong reputation for high-quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.
  • Target market includes government agencies and private entities seeking construction and development services.
  • Active involvement in social work through financial and logistical support to community organizations.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance at MJT is a fundamental aspect of our operations. Our Quality Assurance program is

Maintenance and follow-up

We guarantee that all our projects are subject to a maintenance and follow-up system

Customer Satisfaction:

We strive to understand our clients' needs and expectations

Quality Management System:

We have implemented a quality management system that covers all aspects

Self-Testing System:

satisfaction by understanding

The team we are proud of

The team at MJT consists of a group of skilled engineers and professionals with extensive experience in the field of contracting. The team members are known for their efficiency and proficiency in planning and executing projects to the highest quality standards and according to specified specifications.

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Eng. Aktham Al-Tarawneh


CEO Statement

From buildings and bridges to roads and utilities, our work not only transforms landscapes but also impacts the lives of individuals and communities. We recognize the significance of this responsibility, and it is our mission to make a positive and lasting impact through our projects

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